London Tantric Massage Story

Tantric and Yoga throughout the ages have had many interpretations as concepts, and many manifestations in their practices, and are often presented as quite different and even contradictory to each other.

For myself, and in my experience and practice of both, in essence they come very much down to the same thing. In concept, respecting the interconnections and unity of all of life, and in practice an open, sensitive and honest inquiry into what it is to be human, and all of what that may imply.

It is through this inquiry, that the delight and wonderful gifts that are available to us simply by being human are revealed to us, and we open up increasingly towards our full potential. The fruits of which are automatically reflected in our everyday life.

London Tantric Massage Session

London Tantric Massage

It is essentially an inquiry that enables us to let go of fear, in the measure in which we are ready, and awaken and open up to love.

Please take your time to browse this website to find out more in terms of what I have to offer in terms of yoga and tantra teaching, tantra therapy, and other workshops, events and holidays that are up and coming, and an update on my availability, in addition to what other people have to say about their experiences with me. And please do feel very free to contact me with any questions that may arise in relation to the content of my website, and the sessions and classes available.

Everybody’s journey is unique in London tantric massage, and there no ‘should’s or expectations about our feelings or experiences. Below are some testimonials from people who have shared about their experience of working with me, these are continued on the third page if you would like to read about more…

I feel very light and opened up in a totally new way. Her hands do magic work. If anyone had told me how I would be feeling today I would not have believed it. I thank her for all that she gave me in a short tantric massage session of a few hours.

learned more than I thought possible in a two day session, it’s like learning what might have taken decades on my own. I left on Saturday morning to office feeling very invigorated, creative and satisfied. This was much more than a weekend and surely a different weekend than I use to have before I knew tantra. I found another part of myself this weekend. I could have never imagined me-a sexual/spiritual being, all in one? So profound, so right.

Connection to my Spirit, sex, energy, love- Wow!! Sex is not just intercourse and now it’s starting to make sense. Sacred sex-an absolute MUST. The fact that I was able to utilize and reap the benefits from your lessons (immediately) is amazing. Your professional, yet relaxed & friendly approach provided the perfect environment for such a special but complicated subject called Sex.

I felt very comfortable at all times. My concern was addressed without me having to ask. I also never felt judged. The two day of London tantric massage session or workshop as you call taught me, how to reconnect and direct my energy towards a state of perpetual progress, adventure and discovery. I was particularly impressed with how you took a total stranger and made me feel so comfortable in the very first session. I feel as though I know you for ages. May be the friendly nature of yours is the reason.

What a waste that I didn’t or couldn’t do this type of tantric massage session when I was 18! Thank you for a great balance of practical tips and deeper teachings.
Your tantra massage session revealed the true mystery of sex and how to explore its nature. Through your vibrancy and openness I came to know all that is good about intimate relationships from celebrating difference to the ecstasy of the energetic sexual connection. The two small tantric massage session on the second day in which I experienced multiple orgasm was very very special and ecstatic !!!

Annette, you are the absolute Goddess of Love and one of the most gifted teachers I have had the luxury to learn from. You are perfect and magical in your facilitation. The entire learning process was very easy to follow, and the techniques were fairly simple to apply. It’s just great what you taught about tantra and spirituality and its application. It was nice of you in helping me to open up to new and inspiring ideas in a way that, for me personally, I know I will remain conscious of for the rest of my life.

I left your company feeling refreshed and inspired in the future. It’s heartening to know that a beautiful woman this full of life still exist in the world and is willing to teach and share secrets love of with others.