What is a Tantra Massage

Tantra Massage the Art of Giving Pleasure

Even in ancient times, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra knew about the magical power of tantric massage and used it along with her captivating beauty to seduce Julius Caesar.

Cleopatra knew that for the awakening of sensuality all senses can be used. With the help of tantric massage London and special aromatic oils, the Queen was able to give pleasure to Caesar far greater than he could have imagined even in his wildest dreams and freest thoughts.

Tantric massage is a great way to establish a deeper contact with your partner on all levels simultaneously: the physical, emotional and spiritual.

Tantra Massage focuses on touch.

When you touch one another, there is an exchange of energy and total immersion in the experience leads to a high degree of understanding of the very nature of true sensuality, which is based on unconditional love, intuition and sensitivity.


tantra massage

From the standpoint of health, tantric massage stimulates circulation, relaxes the body, relieves muscle tension, calms the mind. In addition, specific zones and points of the body associated with one or other internal organs are activated, what results in the holistic reviving and strengthening effect. The stimulation of these zones also results in the restoration of the health of their corresponding internal organs.

Soft, slow touch of your hand on the skin of the beloved relaxes and stimulates at the same time, making your partner feel secure and happy.

– Learn how to massage in the right state of body and mind;
– Subtly and deeply connect to and understand your partner;
– Experience the sublime sensory joys;
– Enjoy the touch;
– Learn self-expression – the ability to transmit your feelings and emotions to your partner;
– Give with joy and receive with gratitude
– And so much more!
Regular practice of tantric massage helps to develop and expand the sexual abilities of both partners: men can increase their up time in bed and “last longer”. In turn, tantric massage will help women to open up to the partner and to awaken hidden “volcano of passion.”

The course of Tantric massage will allow you to get in touch with the art of Tantra – The Art of Love, and become the owner of the secret of Cleopatra – the soft power over men.The program of training course consists of:

– Basics of Tantra;
– The essence of tantric massage and its fundamental difference from other types of massage techniques, including erotic massage;
– Correct placement of the hands and position of the body;
– Training of the system of touch, the ability to touch;
– Performance techniques;
– Development of sensuality;
– Teaching special breathing “Queen of passion.” Carrying the breath during a massage, you can fill your body and the whole space around you two with a special energy which will make him think and feel that you are very sexy and stunningly attractive! The concept of tantric massage

Tantric massage is the art of giving pleasure and enjoying sensuality. You will be surprised discovering that it is fun not only to receive but to give pleasure as well. And your partner will certainly want to experience the touch of your hands to his body again and again.